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Sermon from Luke 1: 26-38

Akhup Serto

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Luke 1: 26-38

We are going to start a series of study on the Gospel of Luke from today. And we are going to begin with the birth of Jesus Christ being foretold by angel Gabriel to Mary. Our focus, this afternoon, will center around Mary and I want to leave with us three thoughts


1. Mary Received a News/Message (Lk. 1:26-28)

Angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city with no historical significance called Nazareth in Galilee and he appeared to a virgin Mary who was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter by profession. Mary received a news that she could have never imagined. Note that both Nazareth and Mary were so ordinary, yet God chose them to do His extraordinary work. God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus Christ because, the Bible says, she has found favor in the sight of God


2. Mary was greatly Troubled by the News (Lk. 1:29-33)

The Bible tells us that Mary was troubled by the greetings of the angel Gabriel. Because she did not know what was about to happen to her. However, the angel comforted her and reassured her of God’s favor upon her. The angel told her that what was about to happen to her was not the work of human but of God. A savior would be born through her.


3. Mary Submitted to the Lord (Lk. 1:34-38)

Mary seemed confused by what she heard from the angel. How could a virgin like her give birth? To Mary, to have a son while being virgin is something that is not possible but the angel told her with God everything is possible. The angel reminded Mary of Elizabeth who was conceiving at a very advanced age as an evidence of God making things possible. Mary finally submitted to the Lord.


Here is a young woman, perhaps a teenage woman who puts God before her life and others and everything. God could have easily chosen somebody but He chose Mary. Yes, it could be you today. In the face of all possible rejection, humiliation and even death, Mary chose to live a life of purity and righteousness, feared the Lord and submitted to Him. As a result of this, she is called the blessed! This is the story of Mary. What is your story and my story?

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