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Our Mission

Our mission is to make disciples that make more disciples and increasingly display Jesus as a worshiping community.

We will do this by being intentionally:

Teaching & Equipping Church

It is significant that teaching of God’s Word is mentioned first, because everything else depends on the plain teaching of God’s Word. It is the Word that establishes the church by bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is the Word that teaches us how to worship, defines the sacraments, and sets the agenda for prayer. It is the Word that instructs us to love one another and teaches us how to care. It all flows from God’s Word, hence we believe that a teaching of God’s Word church will enjoy every blessing of God’s Spirit. We believe the way to respond to the prevailing mind-set of relativism, the denial of universal truth, is by remaining devoted to the Word of God.

As we grow in numbers we will need mature leaders. For this reason we want to equip members and disciples of Christ to be faithful to God's Word and the gospel in their ministry to others and able to lead and disciple others who will display Christ in their daily life.

Worshipping church

The heart of today’s culture is narcissistic, but the Bible has a remedy for self-infatuation: God- glorifying, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled worship. In worship we turn away from ourselves to adore the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God-centered worship shifts attention away from what we want to what God wants, so that the goal becomes pleasing God with our praise.

Caring Church

Once our hearts have turned to God in prayer and praise, we are then able to reach out to others in love and concern. This kind of Christian caring is the answer to many, if not most, contemporary problems. It is the answer to the breakup of the family, for in a caring church people learn how to keep commitments that put others first. It is the answer to racism, for a caring church is united by Christ across the things that divide. It is the answer to poverty, for in a caring church all needs are met, including the deepest needs of the soul. Whether people realize it or not, what our crumbling culture needs most is an authentic Christian community. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-generational community that is united by its faith in Jesus Christ.

Missional Church

By the grace of God, a teaching, worshiping, and caring church also becomes a growing church. Evangelism is not so much a special event or a practiced method as it is an integral part of our overall life as a church. Gospel-centered way of living inevitably will have a way of pointing people to Christ. People outside the church will look up on the hill and will see God’s city. As they experienced the attractive power of the authentic Christian community, many will accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Mission is not simply something that we support; it is who we are. But none of this will matter unless we recognize our need – our daily need – for the gospel. Our church can only be a “City on a Hill” if it confesses its sin and trusts in the crucifixion, resurrection, and intercession of Jesus Christ for any hope of salvation.

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